Indiana University

Department of Chemistry

Don is preparing to join a glass tube to a reservoir.
Here, Don is joining two pieces while they spin on the lathe.
Don works on blowing a small hole in the reservoir to leave an opening for another tube.
Don is heating up two pieces for preparation while spinning them on the lathe.
In this picture, Don is honing in one of his joints to make sure it is as straight as possible.
Don is expanding the reservoir in this project by heating the area and blowing into the piece.
A picture of an electrochemical cell used for wet chemistry applications.
A picture of a distilling head used for cleansing solvents.
A picture of a week-long project of putting a condenser together.
A picture of single manifold used for transferring gasses from individual flasks into a single reservoir.
Here is Don's primary spinning lathe for glass projects.
Don also has a secondary lathe for larger works that require a custom gib.
This is an annealing oven which is used to cure the glass by heating it slowly and evenly.

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